I need your help.  Now that my first book, Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!, has been published and is doing well, I’ve started another book. And another. And another.  Yes, I guess you could say that I have A. D. D. with three books in the works!  But I’m jazzed about all of them yet I know I need to focus my attention on only one.  Can you help me by giving me some input?

I’ve written about eight chapters of a mystery novel set in a locale where there are a lot of puppy mills. Intrigue involving breeders, shelter workers and law enforcement. Friends tell me that this book could be even more effective in teaching people about puppy mills than my other book.  I like that idea. My writers group has read it and said it was good. But writing a novel is a whole new genre for me and I’m finding it quite challenging.

I’ve also been working on a book to sell as a companion to my first DVD, Successful Dog Makeovers, which gives advice on typical problem behaviors of rescued dogs such as attention seeking, barking, leash pulling, counter-surfing, etc.  There are a few things in the DVD that I wish I had done differently and the book would give me the opportunity to clarify and do it better. I know that there are a lot of good dog training books on the market but mine targets shelters and rescues.  Do you think it would sell? After my experiences with trying to market Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! to various rescue groups, I found that some thought that they already knew all about how to rehabilitate mill dogs and didn’t need the information. Is that the prevailing attitude about all dog behavior?

And finally, I feel I’m being guided to write about the path that I’ve taken to help the animals. For those of you who know about how I came to work with the animals, they have been amazing teachers to me and I’d love to share this spiritual journey that I’m sure others who work with animals can relate to. This topic was the reason I started this blog in the first place. Although I’ve been posting a lot about dog behavior recently, I feel I need to be true to my original goal and share these insights.

The dilemma of being a writer is balancing staying true to what’s in your heart versus thinking about what will sell the best. I’m trying to go with my heart but it’s tough when your says “write all three!”

Will you be so kind to give me your feedback on what you would want to read?  I will write all three but hopefully one at a time! Thank you for your honest feedback.