I wrote this post last year and sadly, it bears reposting. There are still people out there who haven’t gotten the message. Hate gets us nowhere. People who “shame” other people who are trying to help the animals are only spreading more hate. Love is the answer.

As we know, our country’s system of animal sheltering desperately needs an overhaul but nobody has yet to come up with a viable solution. No kill shelters sound great but all this does is force the animals to go somewhere else – to the streets, to open admission shelters, and to limited admission shelters. Limited admission shelters sound good too, but they are also turning animals away. Open admission shelters, also called kill shelters by some, take the brunt of the problems. All of the animals that are unwanted by owners and other shelters end up there. Because they are often forced to euthanize for space, open admission shelters can be the targets of some people who do and say hateful things to the shelters and their employees.

Haters will post horrible comments and reviews on the shelters’ social media pages, comment on newspaper articles posted on the Internet, and, of course, tell all of their friends how dreadful these shelters are. Is that the solution to stop the killing?

The haters are definitely calling attention to a problem – needless killing in our shelters. They are certainly right about that. But they are turning their venom on the wrong people. When haters post these horrible comments, it drives supporters, adopters, volunteers, foster homes, and donators AWAY from the shelters. So what happens then? More animals need to be euthanized because people have stopped coming in to adopt, foster, and volunteer. Without support, the shelters cannot help as many animals as possible.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice if the haters turned their wrath to the people who are really the problem? Those who don’t get their pets spayed and neutered, those who recklessly allow their pets to wander loose, those who don’t have identification on their pets, those who think that a pet is dispensable…and on and on. Go and educate people. Go help people find low-cost resources to help them keep their pets. Go lobby apartment complexes to allow pets. Lobby the government to make stricter laws for animal abuse and puppy mills. Turn your anger to something constructive, please.

Hate only generates more hate. If these haters truly love animals, turn that love into something positive. Love attracts more love.