Christine Palm Shaughness followed the guidance of the animals and changed careers after 25 years in information systems to work with animals. From her academic studies in animal behavior, practical experience as a pet behavior consultant, and work with animal shelters and rescue groups, Chris’ mission is to be the voice for the animals – to show how they are our spiritual partners and teachers. Her latest book is Leadership in Animal Welfare Organizations: Using Positive Dog Training Philosophies to be Better Leaders.

Chris started her career as the voice for the animals with two weekly newspaper columns and a monthly column in Pet Companions magazine. She has had articles published in Golden Retriever News, Our Havanese magazine, PhillyFIT magazine, and Association of Pet Dog Trainers’ Chronicle of the Dog where she is currently also a regular book reviewer. Her story, The Old Dog Nobody Wanted, won a writing contest and was published in a book called Pets Across America in 2007. In 2010, she wrote and published Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! Happy Stories and Helpful Advice, a niche book for adopters of rescued breeder dogs. It is an indispensible resource for many dog rescue groups around the world. The book was endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin, noted animal behavior expert whose life was chronicled in an HBO movie.

Chris co-produced the documentary, Uncaged: Second Chances for Puppy Mill Breeder Dogs which features an interview with then-Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell. It was aired on a Philadelphia-area PBS channel for several years and at other venues in the Pennsylvania area. In addition, she produced a dog training DVD called Successful Dog Makeovers.

In addition to her writing credentials, Chris is an accomplished speaker and educator. In 2011, she taught a two-day seminar on dog behavior at Groom Expo in Hershey, PA. Every month for several years, she gave lectures at her local Babies R Us store to parents-to-be about pets and babies.

Chris shares her home in West Chester, PA with an ever-changing population of older, previously homeless dogs and foster dogs. Her goal is to open a sanctuary for homeless senior pets. Her web site is