If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably are well aware of the problems with puppy mills, the irresponsible breeders who house the dogs in poor conditions and have no regard for proper breeding and veterinary practices. Many people are slowly getting the message not to buy puppies from pet stores, from over the Internet, or at so-called farm-raised breeders. But how can we get to the children, the future puppy buyers? Can we rely on their parents to teach them? We need to get in front of kids at an early age to educate them about responsible pet ownership and how to go about finding a puppy from a reputable breeder.

That’s why the Educator Edition of the documentary Uncaged: Second Chances for Puppy Mill Breeder Dogs was developed. Ann Metcalf and I co-produced this film and together, we created the Educator Edition with the intention of finding teachers to show it to their students. The Educator Edition includes a copy of the film and a workbook with lesson plans to educate and instruct students about puppy mills and how to go about finding a reputable breeder. It is recommended for students who are 11 and older. In the Educator Edition, kids will learn:

– define what a puppy mill is;
– list what dogs need to grow, be happy, and become socialized;
– describe the steps to a responsible dog adoption;
– make plans for taking care of a dog;
– identify ways to personally improve how dogs live.

Are you a teacher, know a teacher, or possibly involved with youth groups such as scouts? Any place where children can learn will benefit from this film and the exercises in the lesson plan. Please go to my web site for information on how to order it. Please, if you care about dogs, you will help to educate the future purchasers of puppies. That’s the only way that puppy mills will be eliminated.