Beginning on Monday, February 2, I will be holding a bi-weekly Animal Lightworkers call to focus on sending out love and light to the animals and to individuals and groups locally and around the world. More and more people are realizing the power of love and how we can bring about change to this world just by being the change we want to see. Love attracts more love. If you are actively involved with animal welfare – an employee at a shelter/rescue, a volunteer, or helping in any other way – you may be seeing a lot of criticism, judgment, and hatred directed towards individuals or groups. Social media is often a place for tremendous controversy. This negativity does not help the animals. We need to join together, with love, to be able to give more to the animals. By sending love and light to all who want to help animals, I am hoping to transform that negativity so that we can work together to help more animals. Hatred and anger only attracts more hatred; fighting one another does not help. Darkness cannot survive in the light.

In this biweekly conference call, participants will learn how to bring the light from the Universe into themselves and send it to the animals and people who want to help them. Please spread the word that this call to action is happening. If you truly love animals, they need us to be the love that they embody.

Please join us on Monday, February 2 at 7:30pm (EST). The call-in number is 712-775-7031 and the ID is 372-416-395. I invite you also to join the Meetup group so you can get notifications about future calls:

MLK Quote Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate