Once again, last week I heard of two incidences of very poor management and lack of leadership in animal welfare organizations. Each case showed a complete disregard for people, the need for power, and the guise of helping the animals to further one’s own agenda. Why does this happen one too many times in these organizations?

I’m upset and am looking for answers. The line of people who have been trounced on while working or volunteering for animal rescue organizations is too lengthy. Where is the compassion for people? Without people, animal welfare organizations cannot thrive. They depend upon people to volunteer, adopt, and donate. People are deserving of as much compassion as the animals.

Tell me, how can we create better leaders in animal welfare organizations? We need better role models, not power-hungry, dictatorial anarchists who hide their hideous actions behind the mantra of “it’s all about the animals.”

If you are working for or with an upstanding animal welfare organization, please comment and let me know who it is and why they are doing a good job. I need this reassurance right now because I only know of a couple of places with integrity in my local area. That’s a sad commentary on the realities of animal rescue. We are working to help the animals but people matter just as much.