The Trumpeter in the Woods
Chapter Eleven – Another Totem Animal

Several months before Caper passed away, an animal communicator told me that after Caper died she would come back to me represented in the form of a very small bird. I didn’t think any more about this conversation until one day when Caper and I were out for a walk a few weeks later. We took our usual stroll across the street to the wooded path which Caper could no longer manage to walk for more than 10 minutes. We were on our way back home and had just crossed the street in front of our house when she turned around and walked slowly back to the grassy area in front of a glade of trees. I tried to coax her back to our house but she stood her ground. What was she doing? She looked up to a clearing between the maples and my gaze followed hers. Hovering in the clearing was a hummingbird. We stood watching it together, the first time I had ever seen a hummingbird. I smiled and knew immediately what she was telling me. A small bird. The hummingbird would be Caper’s sign to me.

After Caper passed away, I saw pictures of and references to hummingbirds everywhere. I saw them in a friend’s garden; I saw them at a feeder as I sat on one of my client’s back deck. I even heard a song I remembered from the 70’s called Hummingbird by Seals and Croft. When Caper died, I didn’t analyze and fully comprehend why she picked the hummingbird as her symbol. I only thought of it as her way of saying hi to me. One day, I decided to research the Native American symbolism of the hummingbird and, once again like turtle, butterfly, wolf and dolphin, I found that hummingbird had emerged just as timely as the other totem animals to show my path.

Hummingbird represents joy, endurance over long journeys and one who has the ability to heal by sending light as a laser through the mouth. Okay, I understood joy because Caper certainly brought a tremendous amount of joy into my life. Endurance over long journeys seemed similar to the turtle’s message that my journey would be a long, slow one. But what did it mean about the sending light as a laser through the mouth? How did that pertain to me?

I consulted with my energy healer and she explained that hummingbird was showing me that I was to be a healer, not with medicine like physicians, but with my words. I was going to send healing messages to help animals and people.

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