As you can imagine, I subscribe to many Facebook pages of animal welfare organizations to learn about what they are doing and to share information to help save more animals. Something very disturbing is going on other than lifesaving on many of these sites. It’s a complete disregard for the fact that behind every Facebook post by these organizations is a real person with a heart and soul, not a computer that is without feeling. The same thing applies to blogs as well. 

Has social media gotten us to the point where it is acceptable to be outright nasty and lack regard for others? Why is it okay to slam and slander someone as long as you are sitting behind the mask of a computer? It’s getting out of hand and needs to stop. 

Nothing seems to be more contentious than the animal welfare business. Issues constantly arise that cause people to take sides to either defend or destroy an organization. Once people get on the bandwagon to annihilate, there is no stopping them. No matter what an organization says or does, they want to criticize. Do people take pleasure in seeing others hurt? 

Yes, there are real live people who care about animals behind those Facebook and blog pages. It’s time that others understand that their words are hurting people who are trying to help animals. They are not the enemy. 

Why is it that animals bring us so much love but issues surrounding them cause people not to love each other? There’s no sense in this. Think of how powerful we could be to overcome problems such as homelessness, overpopulation, puppy mills, and abuse if we only could work together. 

What if we envision an animal sitting behind the computer making Facebook posts and writing blogs? Maybe then people wouldn’t be so quick to want to destroy them. 

Come on, people, we are all trying our best to help the animals. Remember the love our animal friends stand for and start showing that to your fellow animal lovers too. Together, we can make a difference; divided, we waste too much time in the war and forget about the mission.