The Trumpeter in the Woods – Chapter Nine (part three) – What is Energy?

All of the people I was meeting – Caper’s massage therapist, the transpersonal psychologist, the astrologer, the Reiki master, the energy healer – had all gone through what I was attempting to do. They had at one time been employed in traditional jobs like me then left the jobs to work in a completely new field.  Could it be that they were trying to convince me to do the same because they had done it? Were they successful?  From what I could tell, some were struggling and others were doing quite well.

Was I getting sucked in by a group of really, really good marketers? When they learned their new skills, did they also take a course in persuasion? Whatever it was, I was becoming more and more convinced that my path was unfolding in front of me with the help of this new team. And turtle, butterfly, dolphin and wolf.

I wasn’t moving along fast enough with my decision to quit my job and start my own business. The turtle was dominating my life and not making room for others like the mighty elephant who breaks down barriers and clears the way. My always-available friend Susan wanted to help because she was going through much of the same career angst as me. In the mail one day arrived a package from Susan, a book on Feng Shui, the Oriental practice of arranging your world according to ancient theories about the flow of energy. Oh, that energy thing again.

The book talked about uncluttering your surroundings to ensure that energy isn’t blocked. Geez, does my house have an energy field too? Maybe if I unclog my home, my body will unclog too? Yep, that’s the idea! All energy is connected.

Much of the Feng Shui principles made a lot of common sense, so there was redeeming value. Unfortunately, I hung my hopes on it being yet another panacea to get my life moving forward. So I proceeded to re-arrange my house with a passion. I hung mirrors on walls where the energy needed to be reflected, I moved my bed to ensure that it was facing the door; I cut a hole in the roof so that the energy could flow freely. Oh no, I didn’t do that but if the book had recommended it, I probably may have considered it.

I can’t say that I saw my life and career accelerate as a result of my Feng Shui’ing. But my house looked great! Clean, no more junk collections, and plenty of pretty pink candles.

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