The Trumpeter in the Woods, Chapter Nine – What is Energy? (part one)

The psychic, the animal communicators, and the astrologer all advanced my understanding of the nature of the Universe, forming a new understanding of God for me. Another step forward in what The Celestine Prophecy began. Energy. The Universe is made up of energy. I had to go back to basic science class to really understand it. Every particle of every person, animal, plant, tree, soil, and air is made up of atoms. In each atom are protons, electrons, and neutrons. Every element is made up of a different combination of protons, electrons, and neutrons. Think of the element oxygen. It consists of eight protons, eight electrons, and eight neutrons. Oxygen has a distinctive structure and vibrates in a distinctive manner. That’s what makes it “oxygen.” This vibration is energy.

Our human bodies are comprised of many elements, mainly carbon, calcium, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other trace elements. Our unique combination of these elements makes us different from anyone else. They make us human, and they make us individuals. As the psychics explain, they are able to “read” people by feeling the energy vibrations that come off of us. In other words, the atoms in our bodies give off energy that can be felt by these people who know how to tap into this energy. Animals give off the same kind of energy vibrations.

I know this is a tough concept to grasp and even tougher to believe. I was still very skeptical. But now, my understanding of God was shifting. I had been raised Catholic and it was difficult for me to lose the impression of God as an old man in the sky with flowing robes who gave us blessings when we were good and punished us when we were bad. The idea that God was something other than that image took time for me to be open to accept. I suppose that’s why the turtle appeared as one of my animal guides. I was going to be a slow learner and even slower to accept something new.

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