The Trumpeter in the Woods
Chapter Eight – Pet Psychics (part two)

I attended this animal communications workshop, the first of four that I would attend in the next three years given by four different communicators. I found it fascinating and I wanted to learn more. During these workshops, no animals were present. We brought photos of our animals, dead or alive. We worked in pairs and started off with simple exercises like “pass the color” and “pass the object.” One person would think of a color or an object and visualize “passing” the color or the object to our partner. We were not allowed to speak. I wasn’t too good at it and felt frustrated when others were successful with “reading” each others’ minds. Then we moved on to focusing on an event that occurred in our lives and “passed” that to our partners. I was so new to this psychic stuff that I didn’t trust the information that was coming to me. I felt silly saying some of the thoughts that came into my head during this exercise. I was paired with a man and when he “passed” his life event to me. I was afraid to tell him what I had visualized.

“I see a gun,” I timidly admitted. He nodded his head.

“I was thinking of when I was a child and I accidently shot my best friend with my father’s gun.”

I felt chills as he told his story. There was no way I could have known this. I had never met this man, and no one had told me about this.

The last exercises in the workshop had us looking at pictures of the attendees’ deceased pets and we were supposed to try to get messages from the pets. By this time, I was getting more confident with my newfound abilities and I was able to get some accurate, validated information from the pets. A lady showed me a picture of her deceased parrot. I closed my eyes, relaxed and did my best to empty my mind of all thoughts. Within seconds, an image came into my head.

“I just envisioned a hypodermic needle.” Again, I cautiously told my partner what images came to my mind, still not trusting in my abilities. “How can that be?”

“My daughter was a drug addict. The bird was in the same room with her when she shot up.”

Whoa! Yes, we were communicating with dead animals. This fact was another step in my understanding of the nature of the Universe. We are energetic beings, and energy never dies. The animals were still with us, only in another form.

After attending these workshops, I started thinking more about a career with pets at this time. “What a great combination for my career – pet massage therapist and animal communicator!” Although I never actively pursued selling my services an animal communicator for other people’s animals, I believe that the knowledge and skills I picked up in these workshops has helped me to work with the animals. I may not have realized it, but I could have been picking up signals from them “telepathically.” I was connecting with their energy.

I was so intrigued about animal communications that I had to pursue it more. I saw the evidence; it was real and not some gypsy fortune teller routine trying to scam people. I needed to learn more about energy and our bodies if I was truly going to pursue the massage/communicator path. Like the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher arrives. I quickly found people who were making their livings by being energy healers.

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