The Trumpeter in the Woods
Chapter Eight – Pet Psychics (part one)

Caper was not about to be left out of having a psychic reading! Through the new array of people I was meeting in the study group, I learned of a woman who called herself an animal communicator, essentially a pet psychic. I was told that she was very accurate. With Caper’s advancing age and recent arthritis issues, I figured, “What the heck!” So I called the communicator and set up an appointment. To my amazement, she didn’t need to see Caper in person. She could give a reading over the phone.

“How does that work?” I questioned skeptically.

“All I need is a physical description of your dog and I can feel her energy. I will tell you what she is saying and you will validate that I have the correct dog,” Lisa explained.

There was that energy thing again that I first learned about in The Celestine Prophecy. The third insight in the book describes the universe as connected by a vast and dynamic energy field. I was still an unbeliever yet becoming more curious. Our phone call was in early December and the first words out of the animal communicator’s mouth were,

“Caper says she loves her present,” I told Lisa that Caper didn’t get her Christmas present yet. It was only December 8.

The communicator was steadfast and insisted that Caper says she loves her present, a red ball. A red ball? The communicator continued talking but I was stuck on the red ball. Then it hit me that indeed Caper did receive a hollow red ball with cutouts to stick treats in as a free gift when I bought some dog treats through the mail. Wow! The communicator said a few more things that she could not possibly have known, and I did not give her any hints either. Honestly! She asked me no probing questions; she simply gave me information from Caper. It was pretty amazing. No, it was astounding. I was a believer and wanted to learn more.

This woman told me that she was conducting a workshop to teach people how to be animal communicators and I signed up immediately. Another workshop. My life was shifting away from playing racquetball and looking for men on the weekends, to exploring a whole new world led by the wolf.

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