It’s a new year and time for new beginnings.

A recent post on Facebook about who else, Cesar Millan, made my blood boil and has given me considerable pause. Sadly, the post was an interview of Millan by a very respected spiritual author who I would have believed to have known better than to feature Millan. I guess not. I commented on the post in my usual fashion, pointing out that Millan’s methods are antiquated and often do more harm than good to the human-dog bond. Well wouldn’t you know it, the administrators of this author’s page deleted my comment as well as others who also share my views! They kept all of the comments of those who praised Millan. Talk about making my blood boil!

But then I had to think this through – of course. Analyzing everything is what I do best! There had to be a lesson in here somewhere. This whole situation was making me feel physically terrible and my feelings had no impact whatsoever on Millan. He’s laughing all the way to the bank! My efforts to educate others are making me upset and causing my body harm. What good is that? Our feelings are the barometer for what we should or should not pay attention to. Obviously, my body is telling me that I need to ignore Cesar Millan and anyone who talks about him. It’s a topic that needs to go away for me in order for me to be happy and healthy.

As we know, when people have opinions, it’s very difficult to change their minds, even with solid research and personal experience to back it up, as I have with my dealings with people who have used Millan’s methods. Force-feeding doesn’t work. The only reason why I want to educate people is to help the dogs. It hurts me deeply when I hear of poor training methods that can harm the dog and the human-dog relationship. I think I’ve provided plenty of that education here in this blog and on my web site that I no longer need to go there.

So for the New Year, I am resolving to change my ways. I will no longer try my hardest to make others see what’s wrong in some methods of dog training but to highlight more about the spiritual nature of our bond with our dogs. That’s where my head is now and maybe yours is too?

If you have been reading The Trumpeter in the Woods, you’ll know that my dogs and animal guides have brought me to a new place in my life. It’s still evolving as I grow spiritually. I hope to draw others here to share how their dogs have made a difference in their lives too and their spiritual experiences relating to animals.

Our dogs are a reflection of us. From my years of working with people and their dogs, I have seen countless examples of it. In posts to come, I will explain more about how they reflect us and talk about how dogs can be our teachers to help us to grow.

Happy New Year, everyone.