The Trumpeter in the Woods
Chapter Five – The New Age Arrives (part three)

The workshop was on a Sunday about two weeks after I had returned from my vacation. We spent the day at the home of a local psychologist with a dozen other soul-searchers. He gave us questionnaires and exercises designed to uncover our deepest desires and dreams, and we sat on the lawn on a beautiful, sunny April day recalling our past and what we liked to do as children. I recalled winning an award for an essay I wrote in fifth grade about George Washington Carver and being a finalist in a speech contest in seventh grade. I excelled in English class and loved language.

The outcome showed that I was “results-oriented” and that I was supposed to be a communicator. Hello, there’s the dolphin! Okay, I agreed with these assessments. But I knew this already. Hardly my soul purpose. The psychologist explained that I had just discovered the tip of the iceberg, and that I had a lot of work to continue to find my purpose. He was forming a group to convene once a month, all day Sundays, to learn more about transpersonal psychology which hopefully would bring me enlightenment. What’s transpersonal psychology, you ask? It’s the field of psychology which integrates psychological concepts, theories, and methods with the practices of spiritual disciplines. Tools such as meditation and mindfulness are used to help people who are dealing with anything in life: Relationship problems, career, substance abuse, self-esteem issues, and just about anything that would drive someone to seek counseling. While I was searching for myself in this study group, God and Caper were concocting their own plan to get my attention. The wolf was about to emerge.

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