The Trumpeter in the Woods
Chapter Five – The New Age Arrives (part two)

While still in la-la land, I met an interesting woman at my aerobics class. Let’s call her Susan, not her real name because she does not like to have attention called to her. Actually, Susan introduced herself to me, although she was as shy as I was, and we hit it off immediately. We had long talks about life and discovered that we had something in common: A shared philosophy about life and a desire to find something more fulfilling. Looking back, meeting her shifted my life into a different direction, to learn more about spirituality and to continue what The Celestine Prophecy started.

During one of our deep conversations in early 2000, Susan told me about a workshop she was going to attend: How to Find Your Soul Purpose.

“Will there be any men there?” I asked excitedly, still hoping to find my soul mate. I had not yet fully learned that God wanted me to concentrate on uncovering my soul purpose.

“You never know,” Susan laughed and shook her head, knowing how desperate I was to find my true love.

A couple of weeks prior to the workshop, I took a long-deserved vacation. By myself, of course, because and failed to produce the man of my highly-selective dreams. I wasn’t about to wait around for a man to go places and enjoy myself. For several years, I had longed to swim with dolphins so I booked a trip to Key Largo, Florida where a facility offered two different types of dolphin swims: a free swim where you simply swim in a pool with the dolphins and hope to get close enough to swim with them, and the other was an organized swim where you are in the water with two dolphins and their trainer.

I was in heaven and I didn’t care that I was alone while the other vacationers had friends or family to share in the experience. I looked forward to two days of frolicking with Flipper. The free swim on the first day was disappointing. I spent the entire hour trying to dive deep down into the water and swim silently as instructed so not to scare the dolphins away. Although the large pool was filled with four adult dolphins and a baby, they did not come close to me. I had envisioned gliding side-by-side with them, being one with the most intelligent mammals of the sea. It was not as easy as they show on television!

The next day was the trainer-directed swim, and that was much more gratifying. I was part of a group of seven people with one trainer and two dolphins, Bob and Sam. The rest of the people in the group were couples and a father and son. I was the only single. That worked to my advantage because the others were in the pool in pairs with the dolphins and I had Bob and Sam to myself! I treaded water as the trainer stood on the dock and instructed Bob and Sam to swim over to either side of me. At first, it was a little intimidating, for these are large animals and can be quite lively. But Bob and Sam were perfect gentlemen. They stayed still and allowed to me to “pet” them. They feel like peeled hard-boiled eggs – soft and smooth yet firm. Then the trainer instructed me to float on my belly and put my hands on their dorsal fins. She blew a whistle and Bob and Sam took off. We sped around the pool as the rest of the group laughed at the expression of surprise and exhilaration on my face. I then lay on my back and Bob and Sam pushed me around the pool by my feet. I was in paradise. With friends like these, who needed a man? What wonderful, gentle creatures. I didn’t want to leave the animals and my version of heaven.

In Native American medicine, the dolphin is a communicator bringing messages from the deep. In just a couple of weeks at the Soul Purpose Workshop, I was to learn that dolphin was yet another animal on my totem.

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