I was so surprised to find that Capers for Canines was nominated for the Liebster Award by Sherrie’s Scriptorium! Thank you so much!

First, I need to list 11 facts about myself:

1. I’m a foster mom for homeless dogs.

2. I aspire to open a sanctuary for homeless senior dogs.

3. I’m addicted to extra dark chocolate.

4. I want to move somewhere with lots of snow.

5. I’m of German and Irish ancestry.

6. I’m very blessed with great friends from all stages of my life.

7. I am a volunteer for several animal rescue organizations.

8. I grew up and lived in Maryland for 37 years.

9. I have a Master’s degree in information systems management.

10. I worked in the telecommunications industry for 25 years before changing careers to work with animals.

11. I’m fascinated by the spiritual laws of the Universe and yearn to learn more.

Next, I need to answer Sherrie’s questions:

1. What do I enjoy reading? Inspirational and spiritual non-fiction, and anything with a good “message”

2. What is my favorite season? Spring used to be my favorite and I still love it, but a crisp winter day with snow on the ground makes me feel so alive ad happy

3. What person makes me laugh? Robin Williams cracks me up as do Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers on the NPR radio show Car Talk. I love their laughs.

4. Which do I prefer, the mountains or the ocean? I’ve always loved the ocean but the mountains are beckoning me.

5. Do I have pets? I do not presently have my own pets but I am a foster mom for homeless dogs.

6. What is my favorite meal of the day? I can’t pick one. I love them all!

7. Why do I blog? I want to share my knowledge and help the animals. I hope that people will learn from what they read here and it will improve the lives of animals and people too.

8. What is my favorite color? All shades of purple.

9. Which do I prefer, coffee or tea? I love tea, especially jasmine.

10. What person, living or dead, would I like to have lunch with? St. Francis of Assisi, Oprah Winfrey, Lucille Ball, and Dr. Wayne Dyer – not all at once!

11. What is my favorite blog? I don’t read any blogs regularly but I do love the articles in Spirit Library.

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