From my years of working and volunteering at animal shelters and rescue groups, I have noticed that many people are unaware that the different dog breeds can have distinctly unique personalities. Our human nature is to look at the dog’s physical attributes and fall in love with a certain look. Some people prefer dogs with longer noses like Collies, Shepherds, and Retrievers, while others go gaga over short-nosed dogs such as Boxers, Bulldogs and Pugs. Length of hair is also a preference as well as even the hair color. Personality of the dog is unfortunately often secondary.

Neglecting to understand the breed’s personality can really get people in trouble, and it can be one of the main reasons why dogs are surrendered to rescue groups or shelters. For instance, my neighbor saw me walking my foster dogs, the Standard Poodles. He commented that his 10-year-old daughter is begging him to get a Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle mix). I pointed out to him that these dogs are high-energy and require a great deal of exercise, training time and grooming. He did not know this, and I was so glad that he had asked me because, you see, we live in a townhouse community and we cannot fence our yards. And he and his wife both work full time. I could tell that my neighbor recognized that a Golden Doodle would not be best for his lifestyle. Phew, I possibly saved a dog from being homeless one day!

In hopes that I can give my readers some insight into dog breeds’ personalities, I will be featuring a couple of different breeds each week. I will give a little history about the breed, i.e., what they were bred to do, talk about their personalities, and provide advice on the lifestyle needs of the breed.

If you want me to write about a certain breed, please leave a comment and tell me which one!