I find it very interesting to look at the statistics for my blog to see which posts are the most popular and what things people are searching for when they arrive at this blog. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see that people are coming here to learn, and that I have been able to provide quality education and help. And hopefully have spared dogs from getting turned into shelters or rescues or even euthanasia due to behavior problems.

By far, my post Why Cesar Millan is Not a Whisperer has gotten the most hits.  I can see that quite a few people have searched on different phrases such as, “don’t use the Dog Whisperer’s methods” to arrive at this post. Maybe people are finally catching on that Cesar Millan is not the expert he claims to be and that he needs to stop using detrimental methods. Sadly, however, I recently spoke with a dog walker who says that lots of people like to use that terrible “tsst” that Millan advocates. My wish is that people will gradually learn why that can backfire.

And speaking of Millan and detrimental methods, the next most read post is Showing Dominance. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t find my blog by searching on, “how to pin my dog down” or “how to show dominance to my dog.” I hope that by reading this post, people realize that alpha rolls and pinning dogs down is no longer considered as acceptable training techniques. Being a good parent and benevolent leader is  by far the best way to teach dogs good behavior.

And tied for the third most popular post have been the training tips on submissive urination and attention seeking. Gosh, there must be a lot of dogs out there with these issues! Maybe these two problems are most misunderstood.  Or it could be that many dogs are coming from puppy mills with generic anxiety which cause attention seeking and submissive urination? I’d like to hear from you if you are one of these dog owners. Where did you get your dog?

Thanks for visiting and being an apostle for the animals!