I was recently checking out some web sites where I could publish articles and was astounded by what I found. Pages and pages of articles written by so-called “experts” on topics such as “How to Train Your Dog with a Shock Collar,” “The Benefits of Anti-Bark Collars,” “How to Use a Choke Collar” and more. Whoa!  This web site was promoting self-growth and spiritual issues, and showed noted celebrities such as Oprah and Anthony Robbins as contributors. Any “expert” who understands dogs, spirituality and self-growth would never advocate shock collars!  In these days where anyone can publish on the Internet, who can you believe?

There are literally thousands and thousands of places where people can submit articles on the web, mainly for purposes of driving traffic to advertising and for search engine optimization. There is little-to-no screening process for who can write and publish the articles. Obviously. But that leaves the public to fend for themselves to decide who is credible and who isn’t.

I, personally, never seek out information from sites that pump out articles. You can just tell that the articles have been quickly thrown together. Instead, I look for web sites of individuals with credentials – those who have been published and who are sought after as references – and academic sources.

In the world of dog training, there are as many opinions as there are “experts.” Sadly, novice trainers and those uneducated in animal behavior may use methods such as shock collars and obtain results. Then they write about it…and proliferate the information to the unsuspecting public. They appear credible and can give convincing arguments.

After seeing all of these disturbing articles, I may not publish articles anywhere else on the web. I’ll probably stick to my web site and this blog. And hope that you who are reading this know that I do have the credentials and experience to convey only information in the best interests of the animals.