I’m going to divert my attention away from animals for today’s post to a topic that has taken the top spot in recent news: Men behaving badly. Actually, I prefer to comment not on their actions but why they are allowed to get away with it. We’ve always had men behaving badly (and women too, but they don’t seem to make the news quite as much) and we always will. That won’t change. It’s really about how the issue is managed and how people react to it.

Let’s face it – it’s all about money and power. The reason why Penn State football’s Jerry Sandusky’s alleged improprieties with boys was not brought to the authorities was simple: If people found out about the issue, it could impact the reputation of Penn State and potentially impact their football program and enrollment.  Money!! You can just imagine the conversations that went on, “We can’t have that getting out. What would it do to us?”

The same issue occurred in the Catholic Church several years ago when the higher-ups were covering up the Sandusky-like behaviors of certain priests. Instead of doing the right thing (the GODLY thing) of turning these people over to the authorities, they covered it up – again, for the same reasons, for fear of sullying the church’s reputation and impacting funding. It’s a sad reality in our society that money takes precedence over ethics.

And the Herman Cain allegations of sexual harassment. Several women have now come forward with stories. I’m not here to pass judgment on who is telling the truth here but it sure smells like another puffed up, self-important, egotistical businessman/politician who thinks he’s above it all. I’m tired of these overinflated egos. We allowed Bill Clinton to get away with his shenanigans because he was “a good president” but now look at the precedent that created.

 Could it be that the Occupy Wall Street protests are really shouting about these exact issues – overinflated sense of self-worth and entitlement of men in power? The feeling of entitlement to millions of dollars in earnings and bonuses at the expense of the majority of Americans? At the expense of ethics.

I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but I am about doing what’s right. All of these examples point to one bottom line – it’s time for people to return to ethics and stop worshipping money. Make decisions based on what’s right, not what’s going to affect business. It certainly looks like these “business decisions” are coming back to bite these people in the butts and will eventually impact their businesses anyway, despite their efforts to avoid it. How about doing the right thing from the start?