It was a busy, busy summer. Preparing to teach the 10-hour dog behavior seminar at Groom Expo was a huge time commitment. Everything else was placed on hold: Writing this blog, writing more books – and just having fun! But it was well-worth it. Groom Expo was a great experience.

I thought that mainly groomers attended this conference. While that may be true, I had quite a diverse audience for my specific seminar. In addition to groomers, there were people who worked in animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinary hospitals, doggie daycare, boarding facilities as well as other dog trainers. I appreciated the different perspectives that everyone brought and I learned a lot from them.

Being open to continually learning was one of the themes in my presentations. Working with dogs is humbling. Just when you think you completely understand them, one comes along to teach you something new. That’s one of the reasons why I love working with dogs – the challenge of new experiences.

I’m hoping that more speaking opportunities like Groom Expo will come my way because I love educating people about dogs. It’s amazing how many dog professionals still don’t know about the details of puppy mills, and how so many people still ascribe to the now-discredited dominance theory where it was recommending alpha rolls to show leadership. And finally, my pet peeve – how many people still believe that shouting “No!” is appropriate to stop unwanted behavior.

I feel good that I successfully taught quite a few people some better ways to communicate with our canine friends.

If you are interested in learning more about dog behavior, my presentations at Groom Expo were videotaped and eventually will be for sale at the Groom Expo’s on-line store.