I’m all for courtesy, especially when driving. It really is a rarity nowadays, contrary to what most people seem to be doing when driving: Chatting on their cell phones, texting, not using their turn signals, tailgating and other driving faux pas. I’ve become very aware of a new trend and I’m not quite sure if it’s a courtesy or just another annoyance.  Please let me know what you think.

Have you ever been turning left at a stop light or an intersection and have someone in the opposing direction, who clearly has right-of-way, wave you on? I’ve been seeing this trend a lot lately and at first glance you say, “What a nice person.”  But look closer. Call me paranoid but what happens if this person waves you on and you turn in front of him and an accident occurs? You would be at fault.  Could they be one of those people you hear about who intentionally cause accidents and then turn around and sue you? Okay, I may be just a little paranoid.

But it really is curious when you see them sitting at the stop sign well before you arrive there and yet they wave you on. “What’s going on?” you think. Are they lost? Are they afraid that you will hit them?? I haven’t quite figured this one out.

And another reason why this new courtesy is strange: You’re waiting for a red light to change. You’re about ten cars back and the person in the first car decides to wave the opposing car to turn in front of him, holding up the whole line of cars behind him. By the time the turning car confusedly accepts the invitation to turn out of turn, the light has changed. Ugh!  And the rest of us get to sit through yet another light. Get the picture?

I’m all for courtesy but when the traffic rules are being overlooked, it causes confusion to the drivers and a disruption in the flow of traffic and the possibility for an accident. The right-of-way rules were designed for a reason so that people know who goes next.

What’s your take on this observation? Are you seeing this behavior and how do you react? Or maybe you’re one of the courteous drivers extending the go ahead. Tell us why you feel it’s a good thing.