I’m sure my regular readers are confused by this diversion from my usual animal-related topics or my whiney insights about life in general. But I have a very good reason for posting this review. Author Walt Trizna is a very good friend and member of my writers group called Wordwrights. Walt and his wife Joanie are animal lovers, and they supported me tremendously throughout my publishing process of Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!  They have an amazing dog named Millie; just the mention of her name makes Walt’s face light up with happiness. “What a good pup,” he always says with a smile. I was so excited to read Walt’s recently published sci-fi novel, New Moon Rising, and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

How would it feel to be a geologist who learns that the Earth is about to undergo a catastrophic change? Wade Randall works in a lab at Caltech and is part of a team studying the Pacific Plate, one of the most geologically active areas on the planet. The Hawaiian Islands are at the center of the activity and Wade’s brother, Foster, just moved there with his new wife and soon-to-be born child.

The scientists predict that the Ring of Fire, the string of volcanoes extending around the Pacific, are about to come alive. The shifts in the Pacific Plate will cause the Earth to shake like nobody has seen before. And one theory speculates that the force of energy building up under the Pacific may even cause a piece of the Earth to be ejected into space – forming a new moon.  Cool!

Will the Hawaiian Islands be jetted into space? Should Wade tell his brother and alert the residents of Hawaii to evacuate?

Walt’s imagination is a thing of wonder. This novel is creative yet explained so it’s believable as Walt presents the evidence. His characters come to life as you feel their personal struggles and victories.

If you live near West Chester, PA, please come to Walt’s book signing on Wednesday, June 22 at 7:00pm at the Chester County Book and Music Company.

Well done, my writing buddy!