I’m a longtime reader of literary agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog.  She gives amazing advice to writers.  Today, she announced that she is accepting queries, after having been closed to them for quite a while. My heart leapt!  Maybe she’ll be the one to represent me!

I read further down her post to the list of genres she is looking for. Fiction – great! Memoir – cool!  I’m very hopeful!  Ooops, Bonnet fiction. Uh-uh.  Is everyone familiar with this newly popular genre of fiction? If not, it’s Amish romance. Hmm, I’m guessing that if Rachelle is representing Amish romance, she may not be too thrilled about my mystery novel involving intrique and deception at — an Amish puppy mill!  I guess it can’t hurt to query her and maybe she’ll see the irony but maybe I shouldn’t waste my time.  Onward!  Next agent??

Happy April, happy weekend everyone!