While marketing my book, I optimistically sent emails and letters to people and organizations, large and small, involved with animal welfare. I received some very nice, helpful replies and promotion of the book. But I was pretty stunned at the lack of response from quite a few places and people whom I thought would be very supportive. Even some Facebook pages which purport to help animals and the message to stop puppy mills have turned a deaf ear. Why? I wonder if they more interested in promoting their own agendas than someone else’s?

That is so sad because one basic law of the universe is abundance. If these organizations and people won’t pass along someone else’s message that would help the animals, then they are missing out on another law of the universe, attraction: You get back what you give out.

First of all, as we know, there are more than enough animals who need all of our help.  Sadly, an overwhelming abundance.  The animals need as many of us as possible to pitch in and work together.  And secondly, understanding the law of abundance also means that there will be enough money, foster homes, etc. for organizations to help the animals. If you believe.  If you are following the laws of abundance and attraction. If they are only following their own agendas and not truly in it for the animals, that philosophy may come back to bite them. (Sorry for the pun!)

Although we have never met in person, I am so grateful to know Carol Bradley, author of Saving Gracie. Her book traces the story of a dog rescued from a puppy mill in Pennsylvania to her adoptive home. I am happy to say that Carol’s book and mine are the foremost books about puppy mills. But what’s even better still is that Carol and I promote each other’s books. I have done reviews of Saving Gracie and had Gracie and her adopter on a TV show that I host.  And Carol has sent people my way. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel when I receive an email from someone that Carol has referred to me. Cooperation for the sake of the animals.

If you are affiliated with any groups who may benefit from Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! and Saving Gracie, I kindly ask you to crosspost this message. There are so many people who still are unaware of the problems of puppy mills and lots of adopters who need help with these wonderful rescued dogs.  Thank you!