The animal lovers have been all a-flutter on the Internet with Facebook comments and bloggers’ tongues wagging since The View aired yesterday morning. The ladies of The View were discussing a news feature about Albuquerque, Austin and El Paso banning the sale of dogs under 1 year old in pet stores:  The View March 18  Joy Behar agreed that this law was a good thing. Whoopi disagreed, saying that she should have the right to purchase a puppy from a pet store. While that statement sounds reasonable, there is a huge “IF” that should go with that statement.  IF the puppy was bred and raised properly.

Unfortunately, the discussion took a strange turn into talking about cross-breeding dogs, and it was abruptly cut off.  If I were on that panel, I would have asked Whoopi how much time she took to select a television. People take more time to research, choose and buy a TV set than a dog – a dog who may be sleeping in your bed, playing with your children/grandchildren, and potentially will cost them thousands of dollars in their lifetime. We care more about how a TV set is built, designed and warranteed than the living creature who we’re supposed to love. If we could investigate a puppy’s breeder, genetics and receive a warranty as we do a TV, then maybe I could agree with Whoopi that she has the right to buy a puppy from a pet store. Until we have that capability, puppies who are sold in pet stores could come from anywhere, have genetic defects, diseases and in-bred behavior issues.

As we know, what little regulations exist for breeding and selling puppies are ineffective.  That’s why those cities mentioned above needed to pass the law. In the absence of effective legislation and compliance, states and towns are trying to do whatever they can to stop the problem of irresponsible dog breeding and selling.   Stop the demand, reduce the supply.

I would love for Whoopi to read Chapter Fourteen of Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!:  Health and Behavior Issues of Puppies from Puppy Mills. Maybe she will think twice about buying that puppy and telling the world that she influences that it’s okay.