I left my corporate job almost 7 years ago to work with animals. It was exhilarating yet the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still scared because I continue to live off of my dwindling savings as I hope to sell lots more books. I can find myself in a very fearful place. But I’m lucky. I’m safe. Hundreds of thousands of people in Japan are not.

My home is now 15 years old and my rugs and kitchen floor need replacing. But I have a floor – and a roof over my head. Many people in Japan no longer have that.  Thank you for my old flooring and dog-dirty rugs. They look just fine.

I have a strict food budget. I shop the sales, clip coupons and freeze vegetables I buy in bulk in a large freezer in my basement.  Many people in Japan now have no food or even water. Thank you for my freezer and for the grocery stores who have great sales!

I hesitate to take time for myself, to go for long walks instead of sitting at my computer working. I think that if I work longer, I’ll be more successful. Many people in Japan cannot leave their homes for fear of radiation exposure. Thank you for the option of being able to take walks in fresh air if I want to.

There are days when I feel like I am losing my footing, my future shaky. But the earth is not moving under my feet without warning every day, several times a day as it is in Japan. I am thankful that my little piece of land isn’t shifting or being swept away in a torrent.

Whenever I feel fear, I will remember the images of the people left homeless or the ones who are being scanned for radiation exposure.  I have it really, really good. Don’t we?