It’s not enough nowadays to just be competent, compassionate and honest. It seems that controversy is the only way to garner attention. Politics and show business depend on creating controversy.  Haven’t we had enough of that lately with Charlie Sheen?!  Sorry, but being controversial is not my style.  I’m not looking for attention and do my best to steer away from confrontation and the limelight.  But I inadvertently stepped right into it, last week when I posted about Cesar Millan.

When the post was crossposted on Facebook, it became the most read entry of the entire year that I’ve been writing my blog.  On Facebook, a lot of people voiced their opinions about what I tried to convey: Most comments were from people who had taken the time to fully read and comprehend my message, while there were a few who either didn’t read it entirely or failed to comprehend what I wrote and they rushed to judgment.  I’m so happy that I was able to reach some people. As for the others who either didn’t read the post entirely or just didn’t understand it or didn’t want to understand it, they had various things to say about me, not about the facts that I presented. Interestingly, not one person challenged the validity of using counter-conditioning instead of force.  It was easier to condemn me.

One person said it was “tacky” that I compared Millan to Michael Vick. Huh??  Please reread my post; I made no comparison made between these men. I said that each one brings controversy.  Yep, they certainly do, as evidenced of the number of hits and comments on Facebook and this blog!

Someone else said that my post showed a “desperate attempt” to boost my own agenda.  Hmmm, my agenda? To help animals and to educate people about positive, loving training methods. Okay, I’m guilty!  Desperate?  Sorry, that’s simply not worth commenting on.

If it takes controversy to get attention for messages that will help animals, then I probably have no choice than to embrace it. In our current society, it seems like that’s the only way to get noticed.  I’m a pretty shy person. If I want to continue writing about helping animals, I’ll need to get thick-skinned and get used to the attention. Bring it on – for the sake of the animals.