Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. I thank my loyal readers and commenters – you have kept me motivated to write and share. While most of my posts are about animals, the true theme is change – whether it’s me who is changing or me hoping to bring about change.

Change is something we all can relate to; it’s unavoidable. It happens regardless if we decide to make a change or just live and let change happen to us. No matter, most of us find change to be very difficult and resist it. Security is what we crave, and when we find ourselves in a good place we want to stay there. But inevitably, something occurs to shake up our world and bring challenges. After all, safety and security can breed complacency.

I have to admit that I want security. I would run to it if it were a place to live. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in Security. As a result, I’ve looked for Change to be where I reside. I guess I think that with each move to Change, I’ll really find that it brings me closer to Security.

I’ve read self-help, spiritual books that claim the only way to peace is to be happy where you are. In other words, don’t move to find Security. Even if the winds blow you to Change. And believe me, they will. Gusts will come along and take you to places you’ve never dreamed.

When I decided to leave my job in the corporate world, I made a conscious decision to make change happen instead of waiting for it to happen to me. I wanted a different life, a new career that would bring me happiness and fulfillment. The past 6 years have seemed like the town of Security was 10,000 miles away. I asked for change and I got it! But who knows what would have happened if I had decided to stay put in my corporate job? I may have been blown into yet another direction with a whole different set of challenges.

Life is truly about how you deal with the changes, no matter if they happen to you or if you make them happen. For me, I’d much rather set my own direction. How about you?