No matter who we are or what we do, everyone needs to be told “thank you” or “you’re doing a great job” at least sometime. Many bosses overlook this very small detail which can go a very long way in helping morale.  The act of acknowledging someone also brings happiness to the acknowledger.  It feels good to make someone else feel good!

Just this morning, I was walking my dog in the snow-covered street because there was nowhere else to walk.  Sidewalks were covered and we couldn’t hop over the six-foot mound of plowed snow to get to our usual trail across the street. I picked up my dog’s “deposit” in a baggie and stopped to throw it into the community dumpster. Just then, the trash truck pulled up. The driver hopped out and surveyed how he was going to maneuver the truck to get to the dumpster which was surrounded by snow.  I said to him, “This snow must make your job twice as difficult.”  He looked surprised at first, maybe because he rarely gets spoken to? Then he smiled and said, “It has its challenges. Have a good day.”

I was instantly glad that I made the effort to acknowledge this hard-working, and probably quite undervalued person. I hope that I made his day a little nicer.

Can you think of how you can acknowledge someone each day in just a little way to make them feel better?  And to make you feel good too!