In the 80’s, sequined Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts and turtlenecks with holiday motifs became very fashionable. I had a large collection and I have to admit, I’ve kept most of them. Each year, I lovingly hand-wash them and wrap them in tissue paper then store them in a cedar chest. They will probably be wearable forever. Is that a good or bad thing?

A lot of people my age and older still think these holiday clothes are fun. Is this a sign of old age?? I will continue to wear them. Selectively. Family parties, casual lunches with friends, Christmas shopping. But I made the mistake of wearing a long-time favorite – a black sweater adorned with beaded snowmen, snowflakes, candles and other ornaments – to a holiday party where many 20-somethings were in attendance. They made fun of me! I was surprised at their reaction; I had never been met with such ridicule. Here I thought that I was being fun and festive. After all, the stores still sell fleece and sweatshirts with holiday designs.  Okay, well, you may not see many beaded sweaters anymore…  That you wear over stirrup pants…  I was not embarrassed to wear the sweater and I cherish it. After all, isn’t it the season when tacky is acceptable?

Take outside house decorations, for instance. I drive by some houses and stop to look with amazement at the mish-mosh of lights – small twinkles in white and multi-colors mixed with larger C9’s and a sprinkling of the newer LEDs thrown in. Oh yeah, and then there’s the blinking lights and the chaser lights. To me, that’s tackier than my beaded sweater. At least the neighbors don’t have to look out their windows and get blinded by my sweater.

I’ve always been a fan of modest, elegant decorations outside. A white candle in each window (no orange lights allowed), white twinkle lights carefully strewn on the bushes (and no blinking either), and a wreath on the door illuminated by a spotlight. Beautiful or boring? I guess if everyone decorated just like that, it would be dull. 

And the same goes for clothes. Forget what the fashionistas on the 10 Biggest Fashion Mistakes have to say.  I’m wearing my holly turtleneck underneath my red fleece pullover with Santa saying Ho, Ho, Ho! And don’t forget the socks with reindeer on them.