The night before the election. Finally. We won’t have to be subjected to endless TV ads filled with negativity and we won’t be pestered with robo-calls at dinnertime. It will be worth the 2+ hour wait I’m bound to encounter at the polls tomorrow. I have a propositon I’d like to suggest for the next election: Make the candidates match dollar-for-dollar what they spend in advertising and contribute it to charity. No, not a political action organization!  Something useful. A non-profit that helps people find jobs, a food bank, an animal shelter, schools, etc. And, how about if the candidates are penalized every time that they run a negative ad? They must donate the dollars they spent on that ad to a worthwhile cause. I know!  Wherever the ad is running, they must put money in the district’s coffers to help lower taxes.

I think my proposals are brilliant. But there’s only one glitch. The legislators need to vote this into law. And these are the same folks who are running these awful, brain-melting ads. Oh well. So much for creative innovation… Jon Stewart, where are you?