I’ve been pushing myself very hard for the past two years. No vacation, no time off at all actually. Writing and publishing my book consumed my life. Rather, I allowed it to take over. While some people consider it virtuous and noble not to take a break, I think I was just plain dumb.  We all need time off, and not just a day here and there. So, I was on vacation for the last week – finally! It was very tough to let go, especially right in the midst of the first months of marketing the book. But I was desperate and I was quite unpleasant to be around.  Even my dog helped me pack my bags.

A day off is nice but our bodies and brains really do need extended downtime.  Studies have shown that it takes about 3-4 days to let go of stress. If you only take a 3-day break, it’s helpful but you aren’t giving your psyche enough recovery time.  Vacations also help with creativity and to prevent burnout, as well as other benefits highlighted in this article.  I took 6 days away.  I wished it could have been more but I didn’t want to leave my dog for any longer than that (despite the fact that he pushed me out the door). I missed him so much and couldn’t wait to get home to him. He seemed quite content with his petsitter, however.

I did take a full week’s break from email, Facebook and posting to this blog, so I do apologize for the delay in new posts. But I give no apology for my vacation time.  And neither should you. Feed your soul with a deserved rest!