Did anyone watch the Emmy Awards show this week?  If so, then you saw my hero, Dr. Temple Grandin, the lady dressed not in a glitzy gown but a cowboy outfit!  The HBO movie about her life won several Emmys.  Why is she my hero?  Two reasons: She reviewed my book and called me not once but three times to discuss it then provided me with a great quote to use on the cover.  But more importantly, she’s opened up the animal mind and let us all see what’s in there. 

Two of Dr. Grandin’s books, Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human, have helped me to understand dog behavior more than ever. And that knowledge has made me a much better behavior consultant, trainer and communicator for the animals.  You see, Dr. Grandin is autistic. And her accomplishments are amazing.  The reason she can give us insights into animal behavior is because she sees things the way that animals do, in pictures. 

I quote Dr. Grandin’s work in my book, Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!, because the dogs rescued from lives as breeders in captivity act in ways that are very much like autistics.  If we learn about how their minds work, then we have a better shot at helping the rescued breeder dogs.

My hat is off to Dr. Grandin and everyone involved with the movie about her life.  Please add her books to your reading list!