Do you hear people talking about going places and doing things that are on their bucket lists, a.k.a., things to do before they kick the bucket?   The reason behind a bucket list is that we don’t want to die without doing what’s important to us.  For many people, their bucket list consists of places to visit  or whatever piques their interest.  For me, it’s not about where I want to go – physically – but what I want to accomplish.  Fulfillment of my dreams, to hear the music of my soul and, as Wayne Dyer says, to not die with my music still in me.

Writing has always been my “music.” I’ve felt the need to express myself in writing for as long as I can remember. So why have I waited for my menopausal years to put my dreams into reality?  Fear? Maybe. Busy chasing other paths in life instead of listening to my soul?  Definitely!  But as we age, the bucket list becomes more important and we begin to fear losing out on those opportunities more than the fear of doing them.

One of my favorite movies is called The Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.  She plays a woman who learns she only has three weeks to live and decides to do everything she dreamed of but never did. She let go of her fears and went for it. Despite impeding death looming over her, she had a blast. When I first saw this movie, I was still contemplating leaving my corporate job to go full time in my own business. I think this movie helped to convince me to let go of my fears and go for it.

My bucket list is pretty simple: write books to help people learn about animals. I could die happy if I knew I had made a difference.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind a trip to Hawaii or the Rockies too! 

How about you?  What’s your music?  Do you have a bucket list?