Heartburn? Gas? Indigestion? Can’t sleep?  No, it’s not a commercial, it was my life for the past several years.  Until one morning when I awoke from a tossing and turning night with so much digestive discomfort that I was convinced I had a fatal disease. I felt like I had one big ulcer starting at my throat and ending at my, er…other end. 

So I decided to start eliminating things from my diet. I had been hearing a lot about gluten intolerance and I already knew that whole wheat products caused me to feel bloated.  I stopped eating anything with wheat – no bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, or cereals with wheat.  No pizza!!  I began to feel better for a while and I thought I had found the solution.  I was even sleeping better – except for the recurring dream that I was looking through the window of a bakery and couldn’t have any of it.  Actually, that was a nightmare…

I couldn’t take it anymore and one day, I bought a loaf of Italian bread and ate about 1/3 of it.  That’s what I do when I feel deprived – binge!  The next morning, my insides felt like they were on fire.  So maybe it was the wheat.  But something nagged at me that there’s a lot of yeast in bread.  Maybe it was the yeast.  I was told by a friend that the supplement, Red Yeast Rice, was good for keeping cholesterol lowered and I had been taking that for about a year.  I decided to stop it.  Bingo!!  Within a day or two, I felt even better than before.  No more morning pains, no more heartburn, bloating or sleep-stupored mornings convinced that I was dying.  I was yeast intolerant, not gluten intolerant.

Maybe someone reading this can learn from my experiences. Yeast intolerance is becoming more common due to the over-prescription of antibiotics which will kill the good bacteria in your digestive tract, allowing for the overgrowth of yeast.  I was lucky, I didn’t have severe symptoms which can include thrush which is a white patchy coating on the tongue, or vaginal yeast infections.

So if you’re feeling the burn, want to explode after your meals, can’t sleep, consider that it may be an imbalance of yeast in your system.  Grab some yogurt, take some probiotics and cut down on the yeast-based products and you may cure what ails you.

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