Are dogs angels?  Or are the people who adopt and foster “hard-to-place” dogs the real angels?  I think they all are.  When you work in animal rescue, it can be very easy to focus on the sad stories and get angry at the people who mistreat or abandon animals.  But it feels so much better to look at all of the beautiful happy endings.

This past week alone was nothing short of wondrous where heroes opened their hearts to help exceptional dogs:

–          A 14-year-old dog finds himself homeless after his owners separate. An amazing woman arranged to quickly find him a foster home and is seeking a forever home for him.

–          A 10-year-old homeless, yet very happy and lovable dog was diagnosed with terminal Lyme disease. Her kidneys are failing and her time is very limited yet she found hospice care at the home of a loving woman who has fostered several terminally ill dogs over the past several years.

–          A 14-year-old dog was found tied up on the front porch of a home, abandoned when his owners moved away. After being rescued, nursed back to health and groomed, he is going to his forever home this weekend.

–          A 10-year-old dog was surrendered to a rescue group because of her blindness.  The rescue took her to the vet who diagnosed her with glaucoma and both of her eyes needed to be removed. But don’t feel sorry for her.  She smiles and constantly wags her tail, and has two people interested in adopting her.

–          A 3-year-old Chihuahua came into a shelter as a stray missing a front leg.  She struggled to walk.  She found a home this week with someone who is more than happy to carry her around everywhere!

–          A 14-year-old dog found himself homeless when his owner needed to be hospitalized.  He found a foster home with seven other dogs who all peacefully co-exist thanks to the calm, patient and loving demeanor of his foster mom.

When I witness these old or sick dogs find people to give them homes and love, I am encouraged that goodness is all around us.  Being so immersed with the puppy mill issues from writing my book, I often focus too much on the terrible things that happen to the dogs in puppy mills.  I forget that there are so many people who care about the animals and that gives me faith that love prevails.