A law of the universe happens not to be one of my favorites: the rule of opposites.  To know hot, you need to know cold; to have a front, you need a back; to know happiness, you need to experience sadness; there is good and there is bad…  Why does the bad seem to have to accompany the good? 

One of my life’s greatest pleasures is watching the beautiful birds who visit my feeders.  Flashes of red, blue, gold and brown fly around my deck.  I buy sunflower seeds to attract the songbirds.  But those succulent morsels also bring the squirrels who squat at my feeders and prevent the birds from visiting.  The squirrels are fun to watch too, but they upset me that they take the seeds from the birds and are little piggies about it too!  So, my options are: continue feeding the birds and accept the squirrels or don’t feed at all.  If I denied the birds of seed, then I would be denying myself of the sights of them and the pleasure they bring.   Some of you may say, “Buy a squirrel-proof feeder!”  Do they work?  I’ve heard that most squirrels are crafty enough to outwit them.

Life is a lot like those birdfeeders. We can either avoid doing things that may bring great joy for the fear of the bad things that may come with it.  Or we can go for it and accept the good with the bad.  And maybe along the way, life will bring you a compromise like a squirrel –proof birdfeeder?  Life is too short – go for it!