Some progress is being made with shutting down puppy mills and with educating people about them; still it remains a major problem.  But another issue also looms large regarding the same careless, for-profit-only breeders:  the lack of quality in the breeding.  I found a web site that sells puppies from breeders in Lancaster County, PA. Most, if not all, of them are Amish breeders, a fact confirmed by a friend who visited the farms to see the advertised puppies.  When I saw the low quality and high prices of the pups on this site, I felt physically sick.  I am so disgusted with what these breeders are doing to our dog friends and it just seems that there is no stopping them. People continue buying these puppies for three reasons:  the pups are so darn cute, people have to have specific breeds, and the people don’t know any better.  The high prices reflect the demand for these dogs.

The price for one of the male Boxers shown on the web site is $750. When you look at the pup’s head, you’ll see that it’s cone-shaped.  Many of the other Boxer pups shown on this web site have the same shaped heads.   This Boxer either has another breed mixed in or has encephalitis, a.k.a., water on the brain, which can be a common genetic issue with poorly bred dogs. 

I found an English Bulldog pup on the same web site.  This pup is selling for $1975.  That’s not a typo, nineteen hundred seventy-five dollars. The dog is very, very wrinkly.  Can you say Shar-Pei?  This is clearly not a pure-bred English Bulldog.   These are just a few examples of the many, many pups being sold on this web site, and most are not anywhere close to superior specimens of their breeds.

There are dozens of “designer breeds” listed on the web site as well, demanding the same high prices.  According to one Amish woman, they create these “designer” dogs by just mating the “leftover dogs”:  any dog who is not currently pregnant just so that they can have a litter to sell.

The only way we can put a stop to this atrocity is to educate people not to buy from these disreputable breeders.  Show them how these breeders are ruining the dogs.  Will that stop people from buying from them?  I’m hoping some people will listen and learn.  Please join with me to spread the word.

Note: I had considered placing the photos of the pups in this post but thought better of it.  The Amish, although they eschew modern technology, belong to associations who place the breeders’ information on the web site.  Interesting how that works, huh?