I was a golfer for a few years, and not a very good one.  I played mostly to meet new people when I moved to the area. Even though I enjoyed being with my new friends, the game frustrated the hell out of me.  I realized one day that golf can be compared to life, made up of many different components, and it seemed that rarely at one time were all of the parts problem-free.

Golf is composed of the long game, the short game, sand traps and putting, but one can say that there’s also the “head game” which is the overall concentration and focus needed to excel with the other parts.  Life has similar slices: relationships, career, health, finances, and leisure, plus the umbrella of self-awareness over everything else which can be compared to the “head game.”

I can remember having a terrific drive, long and straight down the fairway, but to go on to three-putt.  Or the next hole, my drive would shank into the woods but I would finish the hole with a dazzling putt.  There also were the holes when nothing went right, and the very occasional holes where everything connected and it was those holes that kept me coming back to the game.

In life, it seems that one area or another isn’t always up to par.  Work may be going great but you may be having family issues; relationships, work and leisure are happy but then you get sick.  Ever notice this?  There might be times when all is going well, we’re happy and inspired.  Why can’t life stay that way? Could it be that the commonality is the “head game?”  When we are focused and connected to ourselves, our needs and the needs of others, life is good.  But lose that focus and your game falls apart.

All superior athletes, writers and artists know the secret to optimal performance is that focus. Life itself requires the same connection to our own excellence.  It’s a tough balance to maintain but something we all strive for.