• The story made national news last week – a large puppy was thrown from the roof of a building in PA.  Although severely injured, it is expected to recover. Predictably, phone calls must be pouring into the shelter that is caring for the dog from people who want to adopt it.  This dog is a Pit Bull who, under normal circumstances, would be sitting in the shelter with little chance for adoption, or euthanized due to lack of space.
  • Two days in a row, young men ran out onto the field at a Phillies baseball game and made headline news.
  • Then there are the countless mistresses of celebrities and politicians coming out and telling all, with many landing lucrative jobs as a result.  Not many decades ago, mistresses were a close-kept secret.  Remember The Scarlet Letter?

What do these scenarios have in common?  A moment in the spotlight.  We’ve become a generation of celebrity wanna-be’s.  The explosion of reality TV shows have created stars out of people with no more talent other than they know how to procreate prolifically or simply like to have fun at the beach.  Gee, how interesting!

In the case of the injured dog, it is a trend often seen in shelters that some people want to adopt a pet who has been in the news as a way to gain fame through the pet.  They can tell everyone, “That’s my dog!” and people will praise them for their magnanimous gesture.  I personally know of several cases where people have adopted these “famous” pets but once the fame wore off, it was just another pet.  If the animal got sick or had behavior issues, they would not spend the money to help the pet and surrendered it back to the shelter.  Fame does have its price.

I’m sure there is a piece of most of us that longs for recognition and attention.  Only the methodology by which it is attained varies by individual.  For myself, I am hoping through hard work, perseverance and creativity to gain attention for my books and videos – for the sake of the animals.  Other than that, let me hide from view!

How about you? Would you like to be in the spotlight, even if it’s just for a few moments?  And would you be willing to sacrifice your privacy and maybe your security to be famous?