Have you ever reached a breaking point with something in your life where you just say, “I’ve had it!  I can’t take it anymore!”?  My moment of truth came last weekend with my house and my eating habits.   It seems that I’m a little cluttered in both areas. I’m certainly not a hoarder and by appearances, my house is neat and tidy.  But don’t open cabinets, closets and drawers! I’ve lived in my house for nearly 15 years and have decided that things I haven’t touched all of those years needed to go. For instance, I found an old hot water bottle in my bathroom cabinet . No, it’s not used for drinking hot beverages.  It’s an old-fashioned remedy for sore muscles and to help with the chills from a fever. You know, I can’t ever remember using this. Why was it in my cabinet?  It’s not anymore!  Also in my bathroom cabinet is a collection of mini hotel soaps. I used to travel quite a bit when I was a telecommunications consultant. I thought that the little soaps and bottles of shampoo were cool.  What am I, 8 years old?  And shoved all the way in the back of the cabinet – boxes of tampons and maxi-pads.  Has it really been that long since I had the need for those products? I must have been hanging on to them just in case I was surprised by “one more.”  I hate to throw away useful stuff but let’s be honest here.  Who am I able to ask, “Can you use an open box of tampons? How ’bout some sanitary pads?” I guess that’s why I’ve held on to them for fear of complete embarrassment.  Maybe I’ll hold onto the pads, for one day I may find them useful instead of having to spring for a box of Depends.  I really hope that day is far, far off…

I receive daily decluttering inspiration from an email newsletter by Erin Doland of Unclutterer.  She has so many great suggestions, if you’re reached that “I’ve had it!” moment as I did.

As for my cluttered eating habits, I changed my mind about decluttering when I started to tackle the kitchen. When I opened the cabinet that holds my candy stash, I found 5 different kinds of dark chocolate.  Okay, so I like variety.  I refuse to give away anything from this cabinet. Take my hot water bottle, my mini soaps and my tampons, but save the chocolate.  I felt so good about my cabinet cleaning that I rewarded myself with some dark chocolate-covered cashews.