I am not into politics, never listening to the plethora of loud, gas-bag pundits who make their living from despoiling other people’s reputations. And I never intended this blog to come anywhere near political issues.  But as I was flipping radio stations yesterday, I heard a statement that Rush Limbaugh made about Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court nominee, that hit a personal nerve as a professional, middle-aged woman.  Sadly, Kagan’s sexual persuasion is under scrutiny.  I don’t care which way she swings and it’s none of my business.  Will it make a difference if she is appointed to the Supreme Court?  I don’t care about that either because I have no control over it. What really got under my skin is this: Ruth Marcus wrote an article yesterday in The Washington Post on this topic.  The article speculates that Kagan never married because “there are not very many men who would choose women who are smarter than they are.”  I agree with this notion.  But Limbaugh had a field day with the comment.  He completely discounted the validity of this statement and instead implied that Kagan’s appearance was the reason why she never married.  Oh please, Rush, have you looked in a mirror lately? No, I don’t mean one of those funhouse mirrors that make you look skinny!

I can relate to Kagan’s intelligence being a limiting factor in finding a mate.  From my experience, many men in my age group are looking for younger women. So that eliminates part of the already limited available pool.  I’ve had dates with men who had no more ambition than to play golf all day or lounge on the couch and watch cartoons, expecting me to cook his dinner. I need a man with a little more drive than how he hits a golf ball. That pool of available men just gets smaller and smaller…  My ex-husband once commented that I had so much earnings potential that he was going to quit his job and play golf all day.  Yes, I knew he was kidding but those words stuck with me longer and deeper than “I love you.” 

I know quite a few women around my age who haven’t settled for a man, just to have a man. I suspect that Kagan is in that demographic.  I realize that I may never find a mate who has an advanced degree as I have, but that doesn’t matter to me.   What really matters is what I’ve talked about before in my blog posts.  Passion.  I can only be with a man who is inspired by a dream, a goal in life.  No, not for a low golf score.  The passion that keeps motivating someone to accomplish something with their lives, something that may benefit others.  Could it be that Elena Kagan feels this way too?  Take a good hard look in the mirror and think about it, Rush.