Many people can write a book but I wonder what percentage have the tenacity to see it through the publishing process?  It’s not for the faint of heart. Nothing about publishing is easy, at least in my tortured experience.  I’m now at the stage where we’re designing the cover for my book, Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!, and that’s not easy either – of course.  Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work.  So they tell me.

A very talented graphic artist recently presented me with three different cover designs.  I know that there must be quite a bit of psychology that goes into an effective design. I wish I knew what that is…  I chose features from each design that I liked and reviewed them with the designer.  In the meantime, I showed these three designs to a friend and she liked almost the complete opposite of my design choices!  Whose taste do I trust?  Okay, there is an advantage to being the author – I get the final say.  I hope I know what I’m doing.

The object of a good cover design is to entice people to pick up the book – attractive colors, appealing photos and type fonts to match the tone of the book.  Then there’s the title and book description but that’s a whole different topic for another day.  I know that I cannot appeal to everyone with the cover design and even the book itself.  As individuals, we have varying preferences.  But I’m counting on when people see the adorable faces of the dogs on the cover, no one will be able to resist picking up the book to find out more. 

Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! features the stories of eleven dogs rescued from puppy mills.  Their tenacity to learn how to live in homes with people has inspired me to push through the obstacle course also known as book publishing.  I can see the finish line!