I actually had a whole day with nothing on the calendar – no commitments other than the usual household chores and writing-related projects.  But I had a to-do list as long as my arm, mostly things that I wanted to do, not had to do.  So what did I do?  Nothing!  I watched a movie on TV that I had already seen several times (that’s what’s called a “glue movie” because your butt is glued to the couch whenever you see that it’s on).  It wasn’t the movie’s fault.  It was mine. I saw my list and shut down. I had too many options, even though I was excited about all of them.  Where do I start??  What should I choose??  Funny, I had no problem choosing what snacks I ate as I watched the movie…

I hear that having too many ideas is a real syndrome for writers.  I presently have ideas for four more books, and have started three of them. I know that I need to focus on only one but I’m having a difficult time deciding which one deserves most of my time. And you may find this difficult to believe but I have tons of ideas for this blog.  So what did I choose to write about – too many choices!

Psychologists acknowledge that having too many choices may not be a good thing, leading to indecision or complete shut down. It’s how I feel when I go to a restaurant with an enormous menu.  The wait staff visits my table four times before I have processed all of the items.  Did James Michener write this menu??  I’ll have the Happy Meal.  Oops, wrong restaurant.

One of my favorite TV shows is Sunday Morning. I guess you can call it one of my “glue TV shows.”  Last Sunday, the show aired a segment called Decisions, Decisions about, obviously, having too many options.  I found it helpful with my indecisiveness.  By using our emotions, we can filter through the myriad of decisions in our lives.  Trust your gut is another way of putting it.  I think I’ll try it the next time I’m out to dinner, or maybe today as I face the choice of which book to work on next.  Do you often find yourself with too many options and can’t decide what to do?  Tell us about it and how you work through it.