On April 29, a growing number of people will participate in Pay It Forward Day.  Based on the 2000 movie called “Pay It Forward” starring Haley Joel Osment as a young boy who creates an idea for a school project, people are asked to do a good deed for someone but instead of expecting them to return the favor, the person is asked to pay the favor “forward” by doing a good deed for three other people.  In theory, the chain of good deeds should grow exponentially so that very quickly, the planet is consumed by good deeds.  It’s like a divine chain letter.

Many people are using this day to do charitable work as their good deeds – to help organizations who selflessly and passionately work for the greater good.  Even though an organization technically cannot “pay it forward,” the people of the organization will be on the receiving end of the good deeds, and will be shown appreciation for their work they do.  Charitable organizations are paying it forward every day.

This year, Ricochet the surfing dog is the official ambassador for Pay It Forward Day. I have no idea how she was chosen but I think it’s a great choice because Ricochet and her organization, “Surfin’ for Paws-abilities,” are all about fund raising and doing good deeds.  I know for myself and other dog/pet owners like me, our pets are paying it forward to us all of the time!

Check out Pay It Forward Day’s web site and Ricochet’s Paw It Forward web site.  On the Pay It Forward Day web site, you’ll find cards that you can download to hand out to the person/people that you do the good deed for on April 29 (or any other day for that matter!).  The card gives them information on Pay It Forward so that they will know what they can do next to keep the momentum going. 

No matter what you call it, make April 29 a day to unselfishly start your chain of good deeds.