I’ve reached the stage of the publishing process where I need to write my book’s description which will be used for marketing purposes. This step is oh so critical to catch people’s attention and reel them in to buy the book. The title, Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!, is the first stop for a potential buyer but the description can make it or break it. The psychology of consumer marketing is more intricate than I ever imagined.  Certain key words to evoke intended emotions must be selected to bring the reader into the book and compel them to read more.  This is tough assignment, even for the very best of writers.

Every advertising image we see on TV, in print material, and hear on the radio is carefully calculated to convince us that we need to have whatever is being pitched.  Take Tiger Woods, as an example.  I watched parts of The Masters golf tournament over the past several days and wondered how many people are involved with reshaping his image.  You can be sure that he has a team who monitors the public’s reaction to Tiger’s every move, coaching Tiger and crafting his message.  Before long, they will magically change public perception and eventually, Tiger will be back on top, thanks to the clever use of subliminal messages.

I’d love to have that team working for me.  Please help me to write a description of Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! that will make the book a winner!