Today, Christians pay homage to the day that Jesus suffered and died.  He sacrificed his life so that we could reap the benefit.  Anyone who knows me and the passionate work that I do with puppy mill dogs will not be surprised with my leap to compare Jesus to the dogs held captive in puppy mills.  How so, you ask incredulously?  Dogs in puppy mills suffer horribly and die terrible deaths so that people can have cute little puppies.  I don’t think the comparison is so far-fetched and I may catch a lot of grief by daring to point out this similarity.  Jesus called himself the sacrificial lamb and so are the dogs who give up their freedom to live in puppy mills as breeder dogs.  I am hoping that I can be a disciple for these dogs, spreading the word to everyone to stop buying dogs in pet stores, over the Internet, and at Amish or Mennonite farms. 

On this day of contemplation, please take a moment to consider that the animals are as deserving to be free of suffering and pain as are we.  They are God’s creatures too.   Happy Easter to everyone.