Remember my blog post on March 13 when I said that I don’t idolize celebrities?  In the same post, I expressed the desire, as a single entrepreneur, to have someone who “has my back” as Sandra Bullock said of her husband, Jesse James. Well, this past week certainly confirmed why I don’t idolize celebrities!  Jesse admitted to adultery while Ms.  Bullock was filming her Oscar-winning performance in The Blind Side.  Thousands of women envied her marriage when she gave her Oscar acceptance speech.  Little did we know the real details of her life and marriage – no different than the rest of us non-glamorous, un-stars.  I was saddened to hear of his infidelities and as disillusioned as when I heard that Prince Charles cheated on Diana (and vice versa!).  There are no fairy tale endings.  Princesses, movie stars and regular people alike.

Celebrity does not guarantee immunity from problems, so why do so many of us envy them?  As much as we like to watch celebrities and wish we could be in their shoes, those shoes do not possess the magical powers of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  Celebrities cannot click their heels together and return to Kansas where Aunt Em and Uncle Henry provide a safe and secure home.  We’re all living with the exact same issues in this life – looking for love, security and acceptance.  I say it’s time to stop putting celebrities on pedestals and start paying more attention to the real heroes in this world – the people who dream big dreams of making this world a better place and put those dreams into actions.