I’ve never been someone who idolizes other people, especially celebrities and definitely not reality TV “stars” and I don’t indulge in the gossip that surrounds them.  But I do enjoy watching the Academy Awards to see who’s who and to stay current.  While watching the show last Sunday, I was impressed with Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech.  She was humble and appreciative, and projected the down-to-earth image that we have seen in many of her characters.  Her choice of Jesse James as a husband raised  many eyebrows because he appears to be so different from the person we think she is (although I must admit that I don’t know much about him). Ms. Bullock thanked her husband in her speech, of course, but one thing she said struck a huge chord with me.  She said, to paraphrase, “for the first time, I know that someone has my back.”  And that has helped her to do what she loves and to be successful.  Wow.  As an unmarried entrepreneur, I have long-wished for someone to “have my back,” to have that support.

I’ve been going it alone for 10 years and although I have been successful, I wonder if it had been easier if I had a husband to help me, even if he was just there to listen or give advice.  Maybe I’m idolizing the role of a husband because I don’t have one now.  I think back to when I was married many years ago.  My husband was a nice guy but he wanted me to do what he wanted and he was very adept at convincing me of that.  But then one day, I realized that I was squelching my needs.  I suppose that if had stayed married, I could never have started my own business and followed my dreams to be a full-time writer.  So even though I had a husband, I still wasn’t assured of him “having my back.”  Which takes me to my original statement – I don’t idolize people.  Having a husband is no guarantee that he would support my dreams. Only I can do that.  Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I found help with following my dreams from the writing and teaching of  Dr. Wayne Dyer. His blog post of January 15 2010, he says that if you can dream it, you can become it.  I agree.